Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sushi of Star wars

Star wars x Sushi = very delicious!

I like carving of SW but
I have made several SW sushi before.
Because I am sushi chef:)
I hope you enjoy them and..
someday please tast them!

"Star wars Sushi"
My friend Mike, use this picture as a banner of the
"yammy star wars" corner of TheForce.Net
I am very honored! Thank you Mike..always!!

"The Darth vader roll"
This is kind of big size of roll sushi.
I use an egg and ell for it. also
for rice to color, sweet sauce for eel is used.(taste like teriyaki)

"The tuna(maguro) roll of Emblem of rebel alliance"
(with the Vegetable carving of Jabba and Salacious Crumb)
we call as "tekka roll" , which The sushi roll with raw tuna.
Do you call it same way? or has a different name, or just call as tuna roll?

I sometime put the light side and Dark side in one plate together.
Well.. because ..Star wars is one Univers! :)

Thank you Lamar, always!

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