Tuesday, May 15, 2007

30th anniversary of starwars!!

Speaking of movies.......
What is the movie which you like best?

My most favorite movie is the star wars
to become the 30th anniversary in May of this year.

UPDATED June 29th.

those are not for sale.just for having fun!!

for STARWARS 30th anniversary with my frends!
cut a bamboo leaf in form of "starwars". and put it on a slice of japanese radish
and shellfish.

R2-D2 (carrot)

Gunsip(sweet potato)

AT-ST(sweet potato)

palpatine(carrot & sweetpotato)

master yoda(japanese raddish with color)

Obiwan-Kenobi (carrot & bamboo skewer)

Battle of Yavin (carrot)

General Grievous (sweet potato )

ARC170 starfighter (carrot)

Kit Fisto(japanese white radish with green color)

Boba Fett (sweet potato)

Stormtrooper(carrot, japanese white radish)

X-34 landspeeder (japanese white radish & carrot)

Darth Maul with sushi (carrot , sweet potato)

everytime my friend came, these produced it, but I gather for a
celebration feeling this time.

UPDATED: June 29th

darth vader (carrot , sweet potato)

R2-D2 candle version (japanese white radish)

Battle of hoth (japanese white radish ,carrot)

the saga continues........