Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to make a Carrot Darth vader

9.3.2011 The Carrot Vader Strikes Back!
The Video of Carrot Darth Vader... have fun!

I'ld like to invite you to
my kitchen today.
Today's carving theme is the most famous movie character
"Darth Vader".
I hope you enjoy it:)

I used 3 of those bigger carrot This time.

Half of the face is completed.

The face almost completed.

This was the moment that making a body..
When I connect a work, I use a bamboo skewer or a toothpick.
Glue is never used. Because these are a vegetables!

making an arm..
I cut a carrot to approximate size.

And the shape will be made.

making a hand.
sometimes, I make it referring to my hand.

After the temporary set.

A small parts such as the pattern of the clothes and wrinkles will be carved from here. This is what a fun begin.

Here is ...making a systems status belt.

I cut each vegetables into the size of almost
1mm and put it in to raddish like this.

Completion of the vegetables Vader.

One more pictures..
In the movie, the Darth vader shows up
with the fog very often.
I use the Dry ice this time.
I learned this idea from my best friend Mike who is the
writter of TheForce.Net.
Thank you Mike, always!

Thank you for reading everyone.