Monday, January 30, 2012

a fish basket

I made a fish basket by pumpkin.
This basket can use for sashimi in many cases.

I used the basket for sea urchin this time.

The meet of the lobster makes sashimi and
I boil the husk and usually display it.
(This way)boil the husk, the color turn to beautiful red.
(see my previous post)

but I used the lobstar without boiling because
I wanted to emphasize a pumpkin and the color of the sea urchin.

This time I made a seine by white radish.

This is a technic of Japanese "mukimono"
I express a lobster caught in a net with this plate.

I used this net for a carrot spider-man and
Carrot palpatine(force lightning) before.

there is no limit in cooking.
also there is no limit to learn!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cucumber Art 3

This article is the 3rd series of cucumber Art.

We usually use these cucumber cup for the wasabi for sashimi plate.

It is easy to make.
Like this photo, cut in four or five places by knife.

when you finish cut in, all you have to do is turn it lightly
because the core of the cucumber is very soft.

If You put your favolite food on them...
It becomes the wonderful finger hors d'oeuvres :)

I made a several kind of cucumber boat.

I sometimes make a very tiny sushi Birthday cake!
It is for surprize present for our customer.

I add a cucumber boat with the plate this time.

of course ! cucumber R2-D2 too.

Monday, January 16, 2012

sashimi plate

It is important that the sashimi uses the fresh fish.
I try to express "sea itself" on a dish whenever
I cook a sashimi dish.

For example..sea bream.
I left the skin of sea bream partially and
set a fish to a dish.
I usuall try to show the fish fly up over the sea..

I take off the turban shell from a shell and I boil the bowels.
Also I make sashimi with a body of turban shell.

The lobster excludes and slices the body being raw and then boils the husk to use a beautiful color.

I do the best for all of ingredientss.

Then put together....
"The sea" is completed on a dish in this way.

Bon appetit!!