Monday, January 30, 2012

a fish basket

I made a fish basket by pumpkin.
This basket can use for sashimi in many cases.

I used the basket for sea urchin this time.

The meet of the lobster makes sashimi and
I boil the husk and usually display it.
(This way)boil the husk, the color turn to beautiful red.
(see my previous post)

but I used the lobstar without boiling because
I wanted to emphasize a pumpkin and the color of the sea urchin.

This time I made a seine by white radish.

This is a technic of Japanese "mukimono"
I express a lobster caught in a net with this plate.

I used this net for a carrot spider-man and
Carrot palpatine(force lightning) before.

there is no limit in cooking.
also there is no limit to learn!

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