Monday, October 03, 2016

Vegetable Shin Godzilla (Godzilla Resurgence)

I Love "Godzilla"!!
It is not only because this monster was born in Japan, but also
this monster has a high potential.

I went to see this movie with my son last week and we quit liked it!!
We also went to see the Godzilla 2 years ago which was directed by Gareth Edwards.
Actually we enjoyed that one also!

I know that the monster called "the Godzilla" gives off totally different character by the intention of the maker.

I don't want to explain about this movie a lot because I'm not sure when this movie start in overseas.
Well, let's talk about this after you watched!

until then, Please enjoy my vegetable Godzilla.

First of all, peel the skin and make a different parts such as body, tale, arms, hands, fins and more.

Oh I used 6 sweet potatoes this time by the way.
in the movie , that was a biggest  Godzilla compare with all past movies.
therefore I tried to make it bigger!

This is not bananas.. it is a tail...:)

Make a fins one by one ....

and put them  into his body with bamboo needle
I don't want to use glue because those are still food.

Now, lets make eyes with peppers.
I look for pepper of the best form for the eyes.

Then I dig the small hole into it.


Here is a Movie of  "Veggie Godzilla".

Don't miss it!  (lol)

Thank you for visiting. 

I recommend the Godzilla Resurgence of course!