Monday, April 22, 2013

A Day of sashimi plate

The Japanese-style dish cherish the  seasons.

There are a lot of the fresh fish in the marcket all the time, but
Most of the time we choose the fish in best season!

Here are the Sashimi of sea bream,  amberjack , and a turban shell etc...
and sometime I place the flower which I made with vegetables and
express a season!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Can't wait SW EP7!

I can't wait until 2015!
Many people  want him back to screen!
General, Prepare my ship!

Yes vader.....It is under construction now.

Hold on for a moment. I'll show you the procedure.
First of all, I open a pie sheet in the form of the starship.

then I put the salmon and the flatfish on a pie sheet.
Do not forget to season with salt and pepper!

then cover with a pie sheet.
and put the egg york over a pie before you bring it to the oven. is ready.....
Lord is your TIE Fighter!!

It is not a TIE Fighter.....
It's a Pie Fighter!!



I wish you enjoyed it..... :)