Saturday, April 28, 2012

Veggie carving of Sea bream 鯛の 野菜彫刻

Today's topic is Sea Bream.
I go to buy fish by myself in every morning.

I love this can become sashimi, sushi, saute ,carpaccio, so on....
I' prefer  to choose the a wild fish, not a farmed fish
because I like the aroma and  the meet and fat with the sweetness.

私は鯛が好きです。 さしみ、お寿司、ソテー、カルパッチョなど


I updated  the Sea Bream of carrot before, therefore
I introduce a procedure to make a sea bream with a sweet potato this time.
At first it is easy to do it when I make a line with a knife like below.
(I put a line by ipad to look more easily.


Then I continue carving it a little by little.


This is an Image from the top.
 Can You see the tail is wagging?


At last , carve the scale and eyes. And it is done.


Here comes with Otsukuri.


I wrote with Japanese this time. Hope you enjoyed it!

In Japanese, Sea Bream called "TAI"

Therefore This story was Tai Carving...not "Thai"carving...
this is kind of Japanese Joke... LOL!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Does this look like a parsley?

Last month ,There was a phone call from the Japanese NHK TV station.
The AD was a woman and she was very nice person.

AD: I wonder if you could carve a carrot..

Me: Yes! what shall I make?

AD : ....Could you carve carrot into a parsley?

Me : Oh..... What!?

She explained that They make a program featuring a parsley.
The people do not eat a parsley, but what kind of reaction
if other vegetables do the same form?
Do they eat? or only as for watching it?

Anyway, I decided to make it.
Here are the parsley which I made with a carrot.
How does it look like?

I made some of them and took a photo
with a  bunch of parsley.

After all, It did not comply with a broadcast content,
and the plan was not realized.

but it was very interesting work!
I wonder... What if I make them with other vegetables?

Then I tried!

Here are the parsley  with different kind of vegetable. lol

Thank you for reading all the time, everyone!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our food

These are the dishes which we cooked last week.

Sushi of the variety.


main dish of the Today's course

Nigiri of Shirauo.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mr. Takeshi

"Mukimono" is a traditional Japanese style of vegetable carving
just like I mentioned before.
I respect our ancestors and keep challenge new kind of carving.
Characters, motorcycle..and human, etc..

Here is a Takeshi Kitano.(carrot and white radish)

I think he is very known existence worldwide.
He is a very talented person such as directer,
Commentator,comedian and an actor.
(About the movie that he produced, I feel too violent sometimes.)

Also, He is an artist.

He started his art Gallery at "Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery"
His exhibition will continue until September 2.
If you live in near Tokyo...I think it will be fun to visit there.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sakura again in 2012

I went to my favolite place today.

Actually we went for a visit to a my father's glave.
Also,It is well known place of the SAKURA, and many people
come to Hanami(watch the sakura) at this season.

I think we should come one day before but
still it was So beautiful!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Veggie Art Class.

The 1st term of vegetable carving lecture(it is 1 time per month and 3 times all) is completed in the Osaka city academy at Suita city.

As for the theme, We tried the cucumber.
I teach Valious way of cut the cucumber...
Just like I introduce in this blog before.

the Japanese radish.
I teach Veggie candle. also how to make radish flower,
little bird and etc..
It is the candle which I just hit upon, but thinks that
anyone can easyly make it.
This is good for the party..please try!

and the carrot in each day.
the final day made the butterfly and the turtle and more.
I'm sure It was very first time for the student but they did so well!
It was a pleasant lesson.

The 2nd term is started from May 10 in the same cultural center.
Moreover, the lecture of the same contents is begun from June by the Sankei living culture in Hirakata city.

If you're living near by and interested in..
(well, there are few people near by but..)
do not hesitate to contact me:)


I took a pic of "sakura" near at my house Yesterday.
In this season, you can see SAKURA everywhere.
but It rains all day today..
therefore it will be gone soon. but!
It is depending on temperature and kind of different.
therefore It will begin depending on a place.
We can still have a chance to see the beautiful tree.