Thursday, October 09, 2014

Vote for National local food contest.

In Tokyo, there will be held a food contest, "Jibamon Kokumin Taisyou" means the National local food award." in November 1st and 2nd.

This time, Our Sushi cake has been selected as district representative of the Kinki area!!
24 products have been nominated from all over Japan.

Osaka Sushi is a traditional local  sushi in Kinki area.
Actually, Osaka Sushi exists from ancient times than nigiri sushi

You make sushi using this kind of boxes.
Therefore, it is called " Hako(box) sushi" also.

Put the fillets of fish, then put the rice, and press from the top of the lid.
Then took of  the sushi from the box.

I arranged this "hako sushi" into the shape of a cake.
That is why I named this sushi cake as "Osaka Sushi Cake"

Therefore, "Osaka Sushi Cake" is a sushi that the old and new fation!!

I prepare a lot of ingredients for this sushi cake.
/see bream
/salmon for gravlax
/shari (rice)

Now the web vote opened at the special site below until oct.27th.

There are a  facebook"like"button underneath on each dishes.

please click "like" if you find your favorite dish....
and my sushi cake!
Thank you!

vote at website in  "Jibamon kokumin taisyou"(national local food award)

Monday, October 06, 2014

Osaka piece tower

My work showed on in part of  TV program "OSAKA Honwaka TV" (which means..let's say... OSAKA Relax TV)
I have made a lot of vegetable carving.

I have made a main personality "master Jinpachi".

I made him with sweet potato  from his picture.

I made sushi cake too!!! but this wasn't show up on tv.
but TV crew took a wonderful picture, so let me put this on here.

This is the main vegetable carving! I name it "the OSAKA peace tower".
the Pumpkin in Japan is very hard.
That is why I used the saw to slice them in 4 pieces.

I made small parts and build them on pumpkin
just like the picture below.

1st level : 2 elephants (sweet potatos)

2nd level : 3 swans (kyo-potatos)

3rd level:  3 hearts (red(pink) daikon)

They are the symbol of peace and happiness,
That is why I build them.

on the top...... yes, it's phoenix!!
made with carrot.

In order to make the intervals of work these,
I do not know the exact production time....
but I guess I need ten ours for this.

Thank you everyone!