Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Star tours renewal !

The Star tours renewal open from May .7th in Tokyo Disneyland!

Many of my friends who are Star Wars fan went there today,
and seems they enjoyed a lot!
I was workng at my restaurant just like unual though but
It is always good to hear about a news of starwars.  :)

Here are the Sashimi plate of  "Star Tours" which I made
2 years ago.
I made this dish for my friends who loved previous star tours,

but from now ,people can ride on Star Tours anytime
 if they go to TDL!

Starspeeder 1000 (Daikon)

Death Star (sudachi and sweet potato)

TIE Fighter (carrot)



X-wing (carrot) but this one is not looks so good lol

Master Yoda ( cucumber)
 all toghere with a fresh sashimi !

Actually ,I have been for star tours once.
It is time when I went to florida for celebration6 last year.
It was a 3rd days of  C6..... we went to WDW only for Star Tours because
we didn't have much time but It  was so much fun!
by the way, My blog counter shows over 70000! It is the good sign for EP7 :)
Thank you so much everyone!