Friday, February 19, 2016

Short term sushi school has started!

I started a new project. It's called "Cooking School For Foreigners and Sightseers".
It's a one day lesson of sushi or vegetable carving.  for more detail from my website here
My first student was from Toronto Canada. Yes! My second hometown!

He was a wonderful person and actually he did very well!
Look at this beautiful Nigiri sushi... He made all of the by himself !

Thank you so much for coming Kevin!
You are the first student who entered my kitchen!

He challenged vegetable carving class also.

How about taking a sushi or vegetable cariving class for the highlights of your trip to Osaka, Japan?
My restaurant is little far from the station and also the fee seems little expensive but we'll prepare the real sushi ingredients and time.
The lesson will be a great experience for you.
for more detail, please take a look at the page of " Cooking school for the foreigners and sightseers" 
Thank you!