Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Veggie Art Class.

The 1st term of vegetable carving lecture(it is 1 time per month and 3 times all) is completed in the Osaka city academy at Suita city.

As for the theme, We tried the cucumber.
I teach Valious way of cut the cucumber...
Just like I introduce in this blog before.

the Japanese radish.
I teach Veggie candle. also how to make radish flower,
little bird and etc..
It is the candle which I just hit upon, but thinks that
anyone can easyly make it.
This is good for the party..please try!

and the carrot in each day.
the final day made the butterfly and the turtle and more.
I'm sure It was very first time for the student but they did so well!
It was a pleasant lesson.

The 2nd term is started from May 10 in the same cultural center.
Moreover, the lecture of the same contents is begun from June by the Sankei living culture in Hirakata city.

If you're living near by and interested in..
(well, there are few people near by but..)
do not hesitate to contact me:)

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