Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cucumber Art

A good point of the vegetables sculpture is...
You can express anything what you want to express with familiar food.

Chef of Japanese use cucumber "mukimono" for a osashimi
like below.

Koma(a top)for wasabi

folding fan



from here, not for sashimi.....
Those are , let's say...Cucumber Art:)


the kappa (water imp)

the Buddha

different type of a statue of Buddha

I made a 9 Buddha for TV program which will broadcast in November.


Anonymous said...

Hey oki,
can u make a post about art 4 begginers
a kid in the usa

oki said...

oups..sorry I just realized these message,
Are you the one who is 10 years old that left the message in my blog?

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Ok I'll think about putting some easy one.
give me a little more time..