Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cute mouse

My friend came to the restaurant with her friend yesterday.
She asked me to make a cute mouse for her birthday surprize.
I heard that she loves him so much.

to make a lovely mouse...
I used sweet potato, carrot and white radish.

He loved by people of the world!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Mukimono Flowers part2

This mukimono carving is for the celebration
of long-life.

I use the white radish for making a crane.

I put on the bill which I made with a sweet potato.

Also make a turtle with a tail.
This is the draft Sketch for the beginning.

It is not difficult work when you cut it a little by little.

Turtle which has the tail is a long-lived symbol.

Then put all of them together.
It is celebration of the longevity!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mukimono Flowers

"Mukimono" is a traditional Japanese style of vegetable carving.
I read that It seems to come up in Japanese oldest novel "The Tale of Genji".
It is told that it is the Edo era it was popular most.

people get very busy and the "Mukimono" makers are decrease recently.
But I think it is handwork that we should keep continue.
Those are the typical type of "mukimono".

I cut radish in this way.

Then I peel by one piece thinly.

Then put together.... Completion of the peony.

let's go on to the next flower.

Cut the carrot this way.

Then peel by one piece thinly and
put the petal to the cucumber.

It is the completion of the camellia.
The next update.....I will put those Flower
to the dish with animals.
See you soon!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh Sushi!

I upload the sushi which we cooked this week:)

Premium nigiri

nigiri for individual

Sushi with Chirashi sushi

Maki(roll) and Inari sushi

This plate is not sushi...Special Sashimi plate of maguro(tuna)
with the veggie carving of a swordfish.