Saturday, January 21, 2017

Osaka Shouhin Keikaku & My New Sushi Cake

I've been participating "Osaka Shouhin Keikaku" which is  operated by Osaka Prefecture.
"Osaka Shouhin Keikaku" is a project to send good product from Osaka to all over Japan.
To enhance the charm of Osaka, to make Osaka more exciting..
I'm a 3rd term student and totally 15 companies and stores are participating for this organization.

We got a lot of advice from wonderful teachers and staffs,we helped each other,
and we helped each other..
Then we produced our new items.

My new item is of course ...SUSHI CAKE!
This time I chosen sea eel from Osaka sea.

I cooked sea eel with red wine, suger and soy sauce.
After 20 minute, took out sea eel from a pot.
I make a round shaped pressed sushi using cooked sea eel.

Keep boiling the stock until it become dark, and thick..
and put some agar.
and the sauce is complete.

Then, pour sauce on the sushi over and over.

When it become cooler.  finish!!

It looks like chocolate cake isn't it?

Coming Feb 1st -3rd,I will participate in a Tokyo international gift show to be held at Tokyo Bigsite.
(I'll stay only 1st day and leave my display then have to come back to Osaka for my restaurant)

I'll be there with my colleagues of "Osaka Shouhin Keikaku" and show my new sushi cake to buyer and seller.
I'm looking forward to it!!

>>>> Tokyo International Gift Show