Sunday, November 24, 2013

I'm on the newspaper :)

The reporter of the Asahi shinbun「朝日新聞(夕刊)」 visited my restaurant for making an article of newspaper.
The article was  placed on November 20th.

It was about my vegetable art!!
I made few vegetable carving for it.

The dragon.
Pumpkin "namahage"

Sweet potato Pegasus
You can see the small animals if front of pumpkin.

Vegetable carving is so much fun !
because I can use a lot of ingredients then
make everything from small flower to the big starship!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Welcome!! Ambassador Kennedy

I made a one vegetable carving today.

Her name is Caroline Bouvier Kennedy..
She is a new ambassador for Japan!

I chose the red and white vegetable
( sweet potato and red daikon) to the feeling of celebration.
I have read a lot about JFK and Robert.K long time ago.
(The books wrote by the author of "Nobuhiko Ochiai")

Therefore I'm glad that she decided to come to Japan :)

In Japan, we usually combine the red and white for Celebration.
(maybe other country do the same)
I hope the world will be more peaceful.

Congratulations to be installed as theambassador of the United States.
And Welcome to Japan!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Sushi cake for christmas

I've made a sushi cake for Christmas this year.

Type 1 premium

Sushi cake with a decorations for Christmas

Type2  DX

A sushi cake with the present bag which I made with a squid.
also I'll put the Santa Claus made with carrot.

I'll made these Santa one by one.

If you live in Japan, you can order these sush cake
from my webshop of sushi cake from here
It is bit early but ..
May your holidays be filled with peace, joy and happiness :)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Saga is coming back!

Some of you may already know about this great news...
Yes , "Star Wars " will be back in 2015.12.18 !!

It is still a rumor, but the character of the old movie may appear, too.

I think everyone have their own opinion about this, but if  you ask me...
I'm very looking forward to see them again in the big screen!

I haven't updated my Star Wars vegetable carving recently
but of course I'm still enjoying Star Wars with my friends!!

Here are what I made this year.
I hope you understand that
I only do this for having fun with Star Wars fan!
I never, never do this for business.

Always thanks to my friends...Jedi Order Japan.

Also thank to who visit my blog.
Hope you enjoy them too!
So let's begin!

This is Barriss Offee
     :Sweet potatos with food color

ummmmm...I know, this is not looks like her..
I alway do my best but everyone has a good time and bad time lol!
 In Japan, There is the biggest Star Wars "fan meeting "
it is called  "Moisture Farmers Union"
It is a meeting of the Star Wars fan, by the Star Wars fan, and for the Star Wars fan.
If you are living in Japan, you should go there!

I made this house for the meeting.
Unfortunately I couldn't go this year, so I sent.
I think You know why I choose this buildings if you visit the website of them. :)
 A lot of Storm Troopers.
     : pumpkin

I cook them and they become....

a dish of assorted vegetables
 :I color it also in food dye.

 Sly Moore
Storm Trooper.
  : Sweet potato and carrot
 Osaka castle and death star.
  :a white gourd-melon
This is for our friend Mr Annie-luke.


He was our old good friend .....very kind and gentleman.
and also he was a  great costume player of the storm trooper.
We visited and performed at  many place with him.
now he live in the other world with force... but  he will stay with us always.
We are looking forward to watch the new Star Wars series...
let's wait 2 more years together.