Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Oki's cooking lesson for foreign tourist

There are so many tourist from overseas to Japan.
I heard that  Foreign tourists who came to Osaka between October from January  this year, seems to have been 5.25 million.

So I've been thinking about opening my short team cooking lessons for foreign tourist.
how that sounds?

If you are coming to Osaka. you can learn sushi or vegetable carving from sushi chef!

I think it is good about three hours at a time.
I'm going to settle the several course which I can teach.
You can choose what you would like to learn.

for instance,
Learning Sushi course:

/How to cook the rice
/how to slice the fish
/how to roll the sushi
/how to make the nigiri sushi

Learning Basic Japanese food

/how to treat the fish
/how to cut the fish in portion
/how to make miso soup 
/how to make basic fish dish 

Learning sushi cake for the partys

/how to cook the sushi rice
/how to cook the egg
/how to prepare the fish
/how to decorate the cake 

Learning Vegetable art for your meal

/Sweet potato 

and after the every lesson.. let's enjoy the meal that you made,
and questions and answers, talk about Japan and your country so on.

then Why only for the people from overseas?

Because, there are so many cooking school in Japan for Japanese already.

Also , I wish I could give a good memories and experience for foreign people 
who decided to choose Japan!!

You can take the lessons from 2 persons.
The lesson fee will be around 3500-5000 yen?  per person.

Here are some things that I have to solve.
/My restaurant is far from the station (8 minutes by foot),
/My restaurant is so small so if there are 3 or 4 more people,
 I need to rent the kitchen studio.

If you have any question or request, just let me know.
do not hesitate to write comment or send me a message from my profile.
or you can send me a message from Facebook.

I'll keep informed :)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

my Sushi Cake PV

When I send my sushi cake, I always include 10 candle for them
because I want to Celebrate their time with sushi cake as long as they can.
Hopefully it became their memorial day.
(I made this for my customer's party at my restaurant)

I've made a 9 sushi cake for these 2days.

I took a loot of time to make a sushi cake,
so 9 was pretty tough!

Also, I made a video to introduce about my sushi cake.
My English is still broken, Camera work is obviously amateur
but this was what I wanted to do for a long time :)

Please enjoy it !

My web shop from here=  Minayoshi no Sushi Cake

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Web shop of Sushi cake

I've renewed my blog of sushi cake!
It is all written by Japanese but there will be a tons of
pictures of sushi cake and vegetable carving.

Please feel free to visit the blog from here

Monday, July 27, 2015

Cucumber Fair 2015

I was invited to a Cucumber fair( Cucumber Bizz)2015 at Tokyo Yurakucho, in July 22.

It was the event that PR in the Tohoku region of cucumber at Tokyo.

There are some cucumber bisin( I would say "Miss cucumber)who wearing the
Yukata, and PR their prefecture's Cucumber.
It was very very hot day!!

 This is the picture of the Ceremony.

We had exhibition put the cucumber of carving on ice.

I made 2 display,
the one is ...Famous people in Cucumber!
I made ...let' say....famous seasonal people in season of cucumber. :)

I curve very small Logos with cucumbers,
and I used the carrot for some parts.

 second...... In the forest of cucumber.

This is not my carving.  Here is a vegetable artist "Mamiko Hasebe"'s 
Those were so cute!!

The event was reported in TV and Yahoo news and many more!
It was very unique and interesting event for me too.
I would like to thank everyone of parties!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Local Conger

Here is what We do for Conger(ell) .

After we bought fish, I cut and took out conger's visceral.
and wash them.

Then, cut out head , caudal fin and dorsal fin.

In my sushi restaurant, We use Sake, Mirin, soy-sauce and sugar
If you cook the any kind of fish, you should boil(flambe) sake and mirin at first.
this way It comes out sake and mirin of sweetness and flavor.
When you cook any kind of meat, you don't have to do this because you cook long time.

after you flambe sake and mirin, put the water, sugar,  and soy-sauce.
once it became boil, put the conger ell.

 I put the head too. Those are too hard and no meat so you can't eat
but they bling good taste!

I always pay attention during boiling, and took out the lye.  
We keep boil with low and tender fire for 20-30 minutes.
Then stop the fire and left for few hours with soup in order to permeate a taste .

I use our Local conger from Osaka sea.
Therefore I use the logo mark of "Osaka san mon (produced by Osaka)".

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim review 2

Life goes on... I'm behind to write my diary!

At the 2nd day of celebration,
I was invited to "Cantina".. I was very honored!

Well, I was little(or maybe big) nervous before get started because of this real cantina!

I'm sushi chef when I'm in Japan but I never think that I could stand inside of Star Wars cantina.... it was just like a dream!

After all, It was great experience and so much fun!

Thank you so much for the host Mr.Anthony.

They allow us  to took a photo at the table of cantina. wonderful!

Now you can watch the video of my interview on Youtube.
I am proud that my video was placed in the official Star!!
Thank you Star Wars, Thanks for all of my friends!

I also enjoy one more Star Wars activity..costuming.
I got participated  2 of big photo event during the SWCA.

one, It was all kind of costume gathered at one place.
There were so many costumer and I can't find where I was!
We had to wait almost over an hour until all members were gathered and get ready for shoot...It was very hot outside.
But I met some new friend when we were waiting.
Actually, all of them were Star Wars Fan ,so we had nice talk
even though we were waiting.
It was great to see you Hiromi!

We came to Star Wars Celebration Anaheim all the way with my friends.
Actually we'll celebrate our  Fan club's 10th anniversary in this August.
There are a lot of things happen ,and we went to a lot of event for these 10 years, but we still together. Thanks for Star Wars!

I had one more photo event...Rebel legion photo shooting!

I've been also joining the member of this world wide costuming fan club for 10 years. 10 years! time flies so fast...

There were several members from Japan too.
We are the member of Rebel legion Japan Base! 
It was great moment with my friends.

And we run our booth again...very busy but those 4 days were unforgettable.

continue to review 3

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim review1

I'm going to write the review of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.
Please join me if you like!

So, This was the place of SWCA! The Anaheim convention center.

The event was started in Thursday so we get inside Wednesday night to
prepare our booth.
The place was so huge!  When we arrived first time, we look for our 
table walking in the vacant hall.
This is where the fun begins! 

Next  morning, we had a chance to see the opening event!
So we stood in long line from 6 o'clock on Thursday morning.
We chatted with some other Star Wars was fun too!

There was a miracle happened!  At in this line, I met Mary Franklin who was 
the event lead of  LucasFilm.
(now she is working in ReedPoP)

We've been knowing each other for a long years.
She is so kind and wonderful person. I could say I'm lucky but
I felt a force because I could find her even in this thousand people!

After we receive the ticket to the hall, we went to go back to prepare the booth and came back again to the line.

Then we get in the hall finally.

The director J.J abrams  and producer Kathleen Kennedy showed up,

The new droid BB8 was so cute!

There were new troopers comes in! 

Then.......Old and New film actors gathered 
at same was fantastic!!

At the end of this stage, Han solo shows up in the new trailer....I could hardly to stop crying.
We never forget that moment. the all of hall was shaking with a feelings for the movie !

By the way, We bought our vegetable at the store called "Sprouts".
I was wondering if I could get bigger and solid vegetables...

Those vegetable were different kind that I can find in Japan but ....ummm,
I thought I could use them instead of Sweet potato and Carrot.

Now, let's start to carve! 
I had an scheduled to the Star's live at Cantina in Day2.
So I wanted to carve as many as I could at the first day!

Those were the carvings which I made at first day.
I never curved Yam potato before , but I enjoy carved them!

Our booth theme was...let's say  "Handmade Star Wars".
Here was Yuki Shibaura's paper cutout.
She is very talented person!  Here is her website.

 Takahiro Hasegawa's cubes.  These are not for sale but many people wanted to buy.
Our table was Fan booth! so he never sell them of course!

 Takae Yamauchi's handmade Star Wars stamp.
Many kids and adults tried!!! with smiling :)

At the first day, My friend Jennifer Landa visited our booth!!
We are friend since she interviewed me at the Star Wars Celebration Orlando.
She is always Star Wars Fan's Idol, I wish she'll have a wonderful baby!

Many of our friends were visited our booth.
Thank you so much everyone!! 

I feel so happy to meet with my friends and new people!
Star Wars fan's are not just a fan. 
They are family just like Mark Hamill said.
And Star Wars Celebration is the place where we can meet our Family!  

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