Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sushi cake

Last month, I have made over 30 sushi cake.
Let me introduce some of my recent item.

This is orthodox sushi cake for a Birthday!

With construction site of vegetables.

Pokemon style

with Cute character!

For dog lover!

monhan for my friends.

For two handsome guys!

I would like to thank the wonderful delivery system of Japan
because it is possible to deliver to various parts of Japan in refrigerated!

If you live in Japan, and if you looking for a surprise gift...
that is why I am here!   ................  minayoshi's sushi cake


Repostera B. said...

A great sushi cake!!!!, original and good.
Visit Sushi for more recipes.
See you soon!.

oki said...

Thank you for visiting :)

kellyjulie said...

I am a big fan of sushi. The above mentioned are the best sushi cakes, i have ever seen. The sushi cake you made seems really delicious. Keep posting

oki said...

Thanks Kelly :)