Thursday, December 21, 2017

After watcing the Last Jedi

※※If you haven't watch The Last Jedi, please do not read this!!※※

My Star Wars started since I watched EP4 when I was a child.
40's anniversary's logo made with sweet potatoes and pumpkin

Since then, My most favorite character is Obiwan.
That is why I sometimes wear the costumes.

Speaking of EP 4,

It was very exciting scene that Ben-kenobi confront Darth vader at the platform of the Death star.

But Ben suddenly stopped fighting and defeated by the Vader..
Then I  was wondering always..

" why Obiwan killed by Darth Vader on purpose...?

This was become one of my big theme of Star Wars.

That is why I liked new trilogy 1-3 as same as old trilogy because I could watched young Obiwan's adventure!
Sweet potato

He was so cool and brave..!!
The  duel on Mustafar .... Anakin VS Obiwan was so excited!!

Then the Lucasfilm and Disney decided to make a new movies.
It was miracle!

I watched the Episode 7 and Rogue one for  8 times each at movie theater.
I loved those both new movies!!

but there was no Obiwan...of course!  that's because he's past away long time ago at the time of new story.
So I never expected him to shows up.

and I watched EP8, Obiwan never showed up but!!!
there were a lot of scene that remind me of Obiwan!!!!!

When Luke watched Leia's hologram from R2-D2..
I cried..(I guess everyone did)
It was so nostalgic and I really felt Obiwan at that scene.

Later, Luke kissed Leia.. and
winked at C3-P0
were also very touched.

I really liked the scene that Yoda showed up!!
Yes, He was the figure of an old trilogy that we loved.

He still made fun but great!! He's so strong! could burn down the tree with thunder!!
But what matters is the great quote after that.
Sweet potatoes and food dye

I wished Obiwan was there too, but no needed to.
I don't want to watch CG Ben, also young Obiwan doesn't suit that scene.
(I love Ewan's Obiwan too but not for this time...hopefully in the new trilogy!)

Anyway, Master yoda said something like "Master is to be overcomed by apprentice".

Just like Yoda said, Luke used the great force and beyonded his master at the end of movie...

Before I watched the EP8, I expected to watch Luke's strong light saber action!!!
I expected the fight such as the Eastwood's movie "Unforgiven".
such as.. Lukes super power defeat the first order at the end!!

..but the Luke VS Kylo Ren was different.
He didn't fight against his former apprentice with his body.
Luke didn't go there maybe because  his X wing was out of fuel, or broken.
or he might knew the base was strictly closed and there was no other entrance.

That way  was very touched for me...
Some people say Luke was too weak to face the Kylo , that was the reason that he used the force.

but Star Wars is not the super hero's is about,friendship,joy, suffering ,love,
light side and dark side.

I really understood Luke's choice.

The duel of Luke vs Kylo remind me of Obiwan VS Vader and  Obiwan vs Anakin....
Carrot! emotional!

When he face to Kylo Ren, Luke apologized for mistakes of teaching.
and told him his father Han Solo and Luke himself are always live in him.

It was a different words which Ben Kenobi told to Vader for long time ago.
He said "Strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine".
and In Episode 6, the Darth Sidious said "Strike me down with your ~~~" to Luke when he face to him.

Then at last, Luke and Vader defeat Sidious!
I remembered Obiwan's  words at that time.(his apprentices (bond)were so powerful!)

Their words started from " Strike me down".

Luke's started the same words but it was so moving...
 included his regret, apology, and much of love for his nephew.

then Lukes last words "See you around kid"..
Yuca root

I think.....

The old trilogy was the story of Vader's penance.

Now, I guessed this 7-9 will  be a story of... Han, Luke and Laia regaining conscience to their son(nephew and apprentice).

Luke's adventure started from looking at the twin suns on the horizon..
His ending of journey was also the same.

Master Luke, Thank you so much for bring us a such a great journey!!
please come back sometime when galaxy need you!

At the end ,Leia told to Rey,
"You have everything you need"  means comrade..
..there is still hope..they are the spark!
Kyo potato
(the First scene(space battle) in EP8 was amazing!)

The music also fantastic!!
Every time I hear the music from original trilogy,
I feel so comfortable! but I love Rey's theme too!

I also love the Rey,Poe, Fin, Fhasma, Maz, BB-8, Han, Falcon, Chewbacca..
Luke's island...
but I can't write everything in here..took me a month or more..
so I stop here lol

By the way, Porgs are so cute!! My image of Porgs when I made few month ago...was not to bad..weren't they?

Kyo potato

About Snoke...about him...
He was made by squash so no problem!

I'm just kidding..
I have a same opinion with my friend!
Her review is awesome!! Thank you for sharing ,Jeni!:)

I can't wait until Episode 9,
therefore I'll go watch the Last Jedi again!!

Monday, December 04, 2017

Japanese Vegetable carving of Cucumber/Jabara

Here comes my new video of how to cut the Jabara cucumber ..
Please try at home!