Friday, May 27, 2016

Extreme sushi cake

I've been making a lot of  Sushi cake , also I sometime make a large vegetable carving.

When I make combination of both...Extreme Sushi Cake is born!!
(those are for take-out and special order made)

Here are how.

I made dragon with a lot of carrots.

The Dragon sushi cake complete!

next one.

I made tower with carrot. 

then  made a  wooden bridge with sweet potato,  carps with vegetable ,made tortoise with cucumber...and settled them on the sushi cake..

Sushi cake of the Japanese garden complete!

I made a carrots space needle for the memory of our  lovely friend "Tsu-chan"
for her birthday.

Here was an order of birthday present  for the Korean idol "Doyeon"
I taught that bear and guitar are his favorite.. so I carved.


one day, I had request ." Could you make a sushi cake with Dinosaur?" 
So I made a sample with sushi(used sauce of ell to put the dark color) 
as below but seems not so nice.......

So I changed my mind.  Well, Let's make Dinosaur with vegetable carving!

Made a pteranodon with sweet potato.

made a Mosasaurus with carrot.

and I cut the "nori"  into a shape of  scallop and ammonite.
make wasabi into the figure of the leaf.
then decorate them together on the sushi cake.

The Jurassic Sushi cake complete!

This sushi cake was order for a birthday so the pteranodon bite the 
birthday crown. :)

Happy Birthday!!!