Sunday, November 04, 2018

Nomination of the finalist of Star Wars Awards 2018

Thank you for visiting my page everyone!

It was present surprise that I was nominated as the finalist of the
Star Wars Fan Awards 2018! (I'm in the Photo section)

Now the voting started so I wish you could visit the site and please vote your favorite arts and photos (I hope you'll include my Mukimono Garnish too!)

You can vote after login and as many as you can but each pictures for one vote in a day.

I've been a Star Wars Fan from a childhood
and I've been participated a lot activity as a Star Was fan.

One of my fan activity is making a Star Wars vegetable carving.

When I heard about the Star Wars Awards, I wanted to submit the dish expressing the whole one scene of Star Wars with sushi and vegetable carving!

Then I choose the "Battle of Geonosis"


I never use glue when I make vegetable carving.
Therefore usually those vegetable carving are for decorate the table but
still edible!!! 

I made the AT-TE  with sweet potato,

DSD1 dwarf spider droid with carrot,

IG-227 Hailfire class droid (wheel droid) made with carrot,

Gunship (republic attack gunship) made with sweet potato
..... and cucumber yoda on it!

And here comes the main part..... I made a Clone trooper roll sushi.
I expressed a clone trooper at a sushi roll with the same face appearing each time I cut!

Clone trooper roll....Those black parts are made with Ell and black sesame.

also I made a chopstick restraint with cork.

Then set the chopstick of Star wars and R2-D2 soy sauce pot.

Let's pour your force ... but this time.. let's pour Shouyu(soy sauce) instead!!

I'm so happy if you could visit the page of finalist and
make vote my food

→→  Amukimono Decorative Garnish

and all other wonderful finalist.

Thank you!!