Saturday, July 22, 2017

My recent work

I haven't update my blog for 2 month.. on my gosh!!
I've been working various ways...same as always.

Sushi cake 

I made a champagne bottle and Pegasus as I requested.

 It is a normal sushi cake called "Jewelry Box"

I made six different sushi cake for the party of the company.

Sushi for delivery

Morning market

Sushi lessons

Now we have Tripadviser page!! →→ Minayoshi cooking school

Vegetable carving

I spent two hours for cleaned the duct.
In Osaka, temperature is over 35 degrees and my kitchen is not
enough to reach the air conditioner... so it was too hot!!

I went to the international museum to visit  Tower of Babel exhibition.
It was really great!!

Thank you for visiting!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Marine day

Today is a national holiday "Marine day"!
so why don't you have sushi of Uni instead of Umi(sea in Japanese)