Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ronto and Jawa

I started this blog in 2006.
The reason why I began blog was that I wanted to practiced English.
(Web translation is still required LOL!)
And to let someone show some of Japanese culture ,sushi, Japanese food, and my carving.

Then....This is my 100th article..
 ..a Hundred!

I just couldn't come so far without my friends in overseas,
the reader of my blog,
and my friends who met at  Facebook.
Thank you so much everyone!

Of course the entry of the 100th is Star Wars vegetable carving!
I have made a Ronto and Jawa with vegetable this time.

Here is Jawa made by carrot.
I made it very small because I wanted to make the
Ronto and Jawa as a same size from the movie.

 This small peace is for eye. The ingredients is Kyo-potato.

Here is a making of A neck and head.

 I connected the body and foot.


The Saga Continues....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to make a sweet pokemon

This  week of a day, a family group visited  my restaurant.
I heard that it was a birthday party for their 2 children,
therefore I made the veggie carving for their surprise present.
The characters' are not for sell of course!

I used a Sweet Potato.
to start...I made a face and the body.

The body almost finished.

I makes two ears and those are slim.
I rolled up "Nori" to put on a color to them

The Character is pikacyu! It was 3rd time to make it for me.

I serve with desert. The kids are looks very happy.
Happy Birthday to you!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jedi Order Japan

Some of you already know  that I'm a Star Wars fan.
Today I would like to introduce my friends..
There is a Japanese Star Wars Fan circle called Jedi Order Japan
and I'm a member of the circle.

The concept of Jedi Order Japan is "Let's enjoy the Star Wars!!"
It is a group who enjoy sharing our love for Star Wars with our family and friends.
Sometimes we do costume-play and carry out performances which
appeal to many people who enjoy Star Wars, as well as those
who do not know much about SW but might be interested to learn more.
Here is our PV.

We've been  performed at many places theater, Street event,
Parade, and Star Wars Celebration Japan(2008).
We'll atend Kobe festival 2012 Parade in May 20th (sun).
Here is a video of our parade in 2010. kobe matsuri parade in Jedi Order Japan
It is one of a biggest Parade in Japan.

If  you live in Kansai Area, please come and visit!