Sunday, June 24, 2012

True Colors

Today's theme is a great song of Cyndi Lauper...
It is not..It is about Color of Sushi!

Here are the sushi for delivery to your home.
Nigiri for 1 person. We bake the egg by ourself.

Red, pink,white,green,yellow,(kind of gold) and .black...
Those are look like a palette of nature!!

 Premium Nigiri for 1 person
....The size of the fish doubles!

 Tuna Roll for 1 person.

Assortment of Nigiri.

with fruits

Plate for kids... you can see that all nigiri are cut in half .

We'll accept any of your any order such as "less Rise"
"no Wasabi" "cut in half".
It is service to be possible in the small shop like us!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Banana Star Wars!

I was watching TV the other day..
There was a  japanese who called "Banana art craftman".
He was making a great Art with Bananas. it was so amazing!
I was stimulated by him.... That is why made those Bananas.
My theme is......... of course Star Wars!

Therefore this is not my original idea but I hope you enjoy...

Here is one banana.


Yes , It is the Banana of darth vader!

"I am your Banana"

well...I admit it was not good looking though...

I may be better making at a cucumber....


It is a clone trooper! ............with fruit ball.

Well, let's go on to the next step!

this one is my favorite!

 It is a General Grievous.

By the way, The character whom I like most is Obi=wan kenobi.
and, as fot the Battle of Obi=wan vs Grievous...
that scene is one of my best favorite.
(especially ,the scene where he jump into middle of  Droid army)

General Grieveous  ended up his life when he against obi=wan but
you can also enjoy his "move" on Clone Wars.

Anyway..he said like this in the movie..

Army or not...

you must realize..

you are doomed !

oh I don't think so........

let's go on to the last one..
This is my favorite too.

 Darth Banana sidious!

 avec Cucumber vader!

I think that looks became more real(A color becomes black) 
when I left it a day.

" Eat them up....All of them"

It might too geeky of this article .....sorry..!

Speaking about Star Wars...
I'm going to the Star Wars Celebration6  (in orlando August 23-26)
with my friends.

I'll be stayed in our Fan booth and making a vegetable carving !
Our booth name is  "Star Wars Japanese Vegetable Carving and Japanese Jedi Order".
If you are going to be there, please drop by our booth.

As for being absent from my restaurant  for a long time, I'm really sorry for a customers...
but this is going to be a great honor and big challenge for me!

I Can't wait to meet my friends there and Star Wars fan from the world !

Saturday, June 02, 2012

How to make Cucumber Art (VIDEO)

Actually,The cucumber is famous as vegetables with
 a little nourishment.

But in this way, I believe the cucumber 
will become the nourishment of the heart.