Sunday, July 31, 2011

nigiri for 1 person

yesterday,there was a tweet from @Starwars..
I think that is why there are more than 2000viewers
visited my site yesterday.
I am very honored!
I would like to thank everyone for visiting my blog.

Well, Speaking about sushi.
We deliver the sushi to customer's home.
Here is "nigiri" for one person.
I think this is typical Japanese sushi.

Tuna,squid,salmon,yellowtail,shrimp,geso(legs of squid)
or Octopus,Egg,eel, and tekka roll.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sushi of Star wars

Star wars x Sushi = very delicious!

I like carving of SW but
I have made several SW sushi before.
Because I am sushi chef:)
I hope you enjoy them and..
someday please tast them!

"Star wars Sushi"
My friend Mike, use this picture as a banner of the
"yammy star wars" corner of TheForce.Net
I am very honored! Thank you Mike..always!!

"The Darth vader roll"
This is kind of big size of roll sushi.
I use an egg and ell for it. also
for rice to color, sweet sauce for eel is used.(taste like teriyaki)

"The tuna(maguro) roll of Emblem of rebel alliance"
(with the Vegetable carving of Jabba and Salacious Crumb)
we call as "tekka roll" , which The sushi roll with raw tuna.
Do you call it same way? or has a different name, or just call as tuna roll?

I sometime put the light side and Dark side in one plate together.
Well.. because ..Star wars is one Univers! :)

Thank you Lamar, always!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

vegetable carving "Zoo"

Vegetable can become an animal.
I made a Zoo with vegetable carving.



elephant(sweet potato)
I use one sweet potato entirely,and
placed a tusk later.

turtle (cucumber)

Crocodile(Kyo-potato with food color)

Then I placed all together :D

The Zoo

I made this carving for a TV program called "JANIBEN"
For coverage, two people of Japanese idol
"Johnny's Jr" came to my Restaurant in march 2011.
it was a great experience.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Carrot Spider-man

The vegetable carving is called "Mukimono" in Japanese.

I sometime use the very Japanese Technique "amidaikon(net-white radish"in english)
This is a technique peeling a Japanese radish thinly
while moving kitchen knives little by little.
This Amidaikon is usually use for decoration of "Osashimi".

But I use it for my Star wars Carving.
For instance..Darth Sidious.

Then I put the amidaikon...then he has unlimited power!

In the case I use it for Droideka..

It became the shield :)

Spider-man is also a very nice movie.
The red color of the carrot brings on a good atmosphere.

And If I use the spider-man with this...
I think you know what will it be!

I think cooking and vegetables carving are very nice relationship :)

By the way, I made a Facebook page.
If you have a Facebook account, please join me.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Flying fish

Japan has the four seasons.
That is why I choose the seasonal fish for cooking.

Have you had Sashimi of Flying fish before?
This fish reminds me of the summer blue sea.

Therefore Everytime I make a sashimi of a flying fish,
I make a dish just like they jump up and down on the sea.

I thank for a all of life which always appear before me.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jumbo radish festa (part2)

I wrote the blog about Jumbo white radish festival
in last year.
The article is here. Jumbo radish

It became very late but This is the report.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Welcome Phoenix
I used the leafs as a Feather of phoenix.

The body was made by big white radish.
face=sweet potato
Helmet= 2 kind of pumpkin

The Tower
This was 70-80cm tall tower.
People doesn't recognize this was a white radish.
I think this is nice for your wedding..isn't it?

Off course!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Vegetable Motorcycle

Those carvings were
broadcasted on TV in march.(in Japan)

Veggie Motorcycle
(2 kind of Carrot,Kyo-potato,Arctium lappa L.)

A car and the motorcycle run on gasoline.
what was the gasoline made by?
The answer is oil....

What was the oil made by?
The answer is.... ancient plants(also animal)....

Therefore It is not mysterious even if a motorcycle,
car and a spaceship are made from vegetables :)
It is very natural art.

The future star in Broadway

Enjoy your vegetable!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sushi course

I am sushi chef so I must update sushi!
Let me introduce one of our course menu today.

Sushi course (3000yen =about 30$)
8 kind of different dishes such as
Appetizer, Nigiri,valiety of fry, osashimi, main dish, dessert, so on.

appetizer of the cource menu.

Sushi for party

If you live in osaka or if you are going to visit
Osaka....Please visit my Sushi Restaurant!

Friday, July 15, 2011

vegetable pokemon carving

Today's theme is "pocket monster(Pokemon)"
I am living in Japan, so
I'm no sure how popular pokemon is.. in overseas.

I put every pokemon's name in Japanese way.
Maybe it is different in other countrys.
Which Pokemon do you like?
Hope you enjoy it!

Pikacyu(sweet potato and carrot)

Marumain(Sweet potato and carrot half & half)

Sounanse(white raddish with blue food coller)
he is my favorite.

Manmou(sweet potato & white raddish)

Koiking (carrot & sweet potato)

Rulili (sweet potato with food coller)

All together! :)

I brought these to the kindergarten where a daughter went to.
Children were delight.

one more..
other style of Pikacyu (this is double size of the other one)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Star wars Carving..

Thank you for reading my blog again.

Please let me update more veggie Carvings
which I made from 2010-2011.
(latest one is Darth Vader)

Anakin's pod racer with Flag(Sweet potato, Carrot and Japanese white radish)

from the back

Radon-Ulzer engines

My friend Cubist made this Flag..
It is printed as "May the force with Japan".
(as you can see, there is A crest of Jedi put on a flag)
We thank for the support of all of you from all over the world for this earthquake.

Anakin never gave up on his pod do we!

Luke and Wampa(Sweet potato, carrot and Japanese white raddish)

Quinlan Vos (Sweet potato)

Sandtrooper with dewback(Sweet potato and pumpkin)

Scout trooper with endor salad(Sweet potato and carrot)

Death star Pie and ewok santa.
I made those at Christmas party.

Speaking about star wars,
I am a member of Japanese star wars Fan group
called "Jedi order"(I'm CO this term)

I continued making a SW carving and
so far, more than 40 characters I made.
It is because wanting to see the smile of
my friends and I love SW myself!
Now.. I have many precious friend in overseas too.
I wish I could meet with them at C6.

If I was not a SW fan..
I never had a chance to know with friends...
I really thank for SW!

Thank you for reading. have a great day:)