Monday, July 25, 2011

Carrot Spider-man

The vegetable carving is called "Mukimono" in Japanese.

I sometime use the very Japanese Technique "amidaikon(net-white radish"in english)
This is a technique peeling a Japanese radish thinly
while moving kitchen knives little by little.
This Amidaikon is usually use for decoration of "Osashimi".

But I use it for my Star wars Carving.
For instance..Darth Sidious.

Then I put the amidaikon...then he has unlimited power!

In the case I use it for Droideka..

It became the shield :)

Spider-man is also a very nice movie.
The red color of the carrot brings on a good atmosphere.

And If I use the spider-man with this...
I think you know what will it be!

I think cooking and vegetables carving are very nice relationship :)

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Jimmy said...

I love your work - nice and original! And, to be honest, I'm trying to get into sushi making. But to no avail for now :) Will arm myself with more perseverance and succeed, hopefully!

call Nepal

oki said...

Thank you for drop by and
leave the comment :)
Practice makes perfect..
Please keep making and enjoy your sushi!