Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jumbo radish festa (part2)

I wrote the blog about Jumbo white radish festival
in last year.
The article is here. Jumbo radish

It became very late but This is the report.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Welcome Phoenix
I used the leafs as a Feather of phoenix.

The body was made by big white radish.
face=sweet potato
Helmet= 2 kind of pumpkin

The Tower
This was 70-80cm tall tower.
People doesn't recognize this was a white radish.
I think this is nice for your wedding..isn't it?

Off course!


Davide said...

wow you really are an artist!
When I'll be in Osaka in the future I'll sure come to your restaurant

greetings from italy!

Kaori said...

Thank you for coming to my blog. I also introduce Japanese Culture with Calligraphy in English. Keep showing our culture! Go for it. Kaori

oki said...

Thank you for send me a great comment from Italy!
If you make a plan to visit Japan,please let me know:)

Thank you for visit my blog too.
Keep up the good work!