Sunday, July 06, 2014

The way of thinking about Sashimi

I sometimes make large Sashimi plate.
I use a lot kind of fish for this plate.
Let's look at one by one. 

  I served Halkbeak in two ways.

you can watch larger pic when you click below, if you like :).

This is a Turban shell.
I served part of a meat  for raw.
I boiled liver and also boiled shell because of sanitation.

Next, let's look at Main fish....Maguro(tuna) and salmon.

The picture of above is amberjack,
below is Maguro.

Salmon and ikura(salmon roe).

This is called "hamo"(sharp toothed ell).
It is well known as a fish of summer.

This fish has a lot of small bone so We need to cut bone finely in this way.
We call this work "Honekiri"

Then we boild just a second, and put into ice water for let it cool.
please taste this with plum meat.

and last....Here is very beautiful fresh sea bleam. 
It was very fresh and hard so I cut into thin sliced.

I always try to decorate them just like when they were in the sea.
We'll return them to the plate of a sea.