Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim~ Booth and Panel

As I wrote this before, We were allowed to have our own booth at Celebration Anaheim. (Aplil 16-19, 2015 in Anaheim Convention Centre CA)

Our Fan booth "The Jedi Order Japan" 's number is decided..... in 428!

Here are what we'll do:
/ Live and Display Star Wars Vegetable Carving
/Display of Yuki's paper cutout
/Display of Takahiro's  Cube puzzle
/Takae's eraser stamp
/movie and slideshow of our fan activity
and more!

We had our table  3 years ago in Celebration Orlando.
I'm proud of our team and glad to be back again!!

I'm also allowed to dp the Fan Panel of Star Wars University
Sunday April 19th 13:00~14:00.

Here are the curriculum:
/introducing the Idea of how to enjoy Star Wars with cuisine!
/show the pictures of my Star Wars vegetable carving which
I've been created.
/introducing our Star Wars Fan community in Japan.
You may watch their wonderful costumes and lightsaber arts!

I think My panel is the only food category in more than 100 panels.
I could have this opportunity because of my friends.

I admit I'm luck in practice but I'll do my best to explain about
the Art of Star Wars vegetable carving!

The website of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim is here .

I'm sorry for my customers for closing our restaurant for one week.
but this is wonderful opportunity...I'm honored and do my best!

Hope to see you in Anaheim!