Tuesday, January 16, 2007

about my carving

In the case of a party and a banquet, I make
vegetable carving.

ingredients------carrot, Japanese radish

It is the couple swan which it will make in many cases.
I will display it in a moment of marriage memory and party so on.
The picture is a Japanese-style version. I made some other style
such as western style.

motor cycle

A sculpture of the motorcycle.I made this when my
motorcycle friend came to the store.
A tire turns around properly, too!!

ingredients-------carrot, sweet potato
Japanese famous musician.
he is a great singer, and I am a fan.
It is the most difficult to carve a face of a person.

do you know this cute dog?

dragon and howk
ingrediants------sweet potato and carrot.
i will up load more carvings, soon or later.