Tuesday, January 16, 2007

about my carving

In the case of a party and a banquet, I make
vegetable carving.

ingredients------carrot, Japanese radish

It is the couple swan which it will make in many cases.
I will display it in a moment of marriage memory and party so on.
The picture is a Japanese-style version. I made some other style
such as western style.

motor cycle

A sculpture of the motorcycle.I made this when my
motorcycle friend came to the store.
A tire turns around properly, too!!

ingredients-------carrot, sweet potato
Japanese famous musician.
he is a great singer, and I am a fan.
It is the most difficult to carve a face of a person.

do you know this cute dog?

dragon and howk
ingrediants------sweet potato and carrot.
i will up load more carvings, soon or later.


Stepan said...

it´s absolutely fantastic! Really piece of art, i wouldn´t eat something that nice.
And about sushi: it is actually hard to find fresh sea fish in my country, because we are very distant from the sea and all fishes are frozen. I would love to live and work as a sushi cook, but i´m afraid thats impossible for me. But i will study the international relations and diplomacy and hope one day will work as a diplomat in Japan:)

oki said...

oh,I see. but world is changing very fast these days, so may your countly (you) can be able to buy a fresh fish near future.
in japan our transportation become very good situation these 20years, so we can get many kind of fish now.
how old are you? please keep study, and you can be a good sushi chef someday!

Stepan said...

I will study, but I cant study chef, because its not my domain on universities, which I have chosen. I would like to be a chef, but if I will not, it will be still my hobby - I love cooking, not only the japanese cuisin, but the italian and mexican too.
How you said, world is changing very fast, thanks god globalization, but you know, Czech republic is post communist country and even now, in 2007 it is still visible. But we are getting very fast on level of other european countries.
by the way, I´m 19 yrs old.

oki said...

I see..it is interesting to know other country's culture and life.

well, I never study cooking.
I started cooking at restaurant right after when I graduate from high school.
first 3month, All I could do was wash dishes.
then, I can peel a vegetable as potato,Asparagus so on.
I mean , work as pprentice to be a chef.

If you really want to be a chef,and your will is strong, you can be!
it is up to you.ofcource,it is good if it still hobby.