Saturday, February 24, 2007

Matsumae sushi

This is the japanese traditional sushi called "MATSUMAE".
the fish is Mackerel.

put the fillet of mackerel in to salt for 3hours,after that wash it.
and then soak into the vinegar for three to four hours.

I pull a skin and cut body of mackerel to open.

then I put rice and roll it up.
after that put "konbu" on top then finish.
you can eat deliciously for around 3 days.
Fresh Nigiri sushi is a representative of sushi recently
but before, sushi was save food in old days.
this sushi was created in the middle of
a process of evolution.
and taste good!


Stepan said...

is that true, that before, there was no vinegar and this vinegarish taste was created by lenght of storing? I read that somewhere...I look forward to see some neew kinds of sushi. few days ago i made delicious sushi with tiger prawns....i cant get them very often here

oki said...

congratulations on your sushi with shrimps!
We are able to get them everytime,everywhere..we Japanese must thank for this situation I think.
thank you also your comment, stepan.
bye the way, about your comment, what does mean by "lenght of storing? ".
I'm afraid that my english is poor...sorry!!!!

Anonymous said...

hello oki. i am sushi chef at a restaurant in Azores, Portugal. i was in japan to learn how to make sushi for 1 month.
you are really good.
about the mackerel... when do you take off the bones? by the photo it looks like you use nori as well.
maybe you can teach me some new stuff :)
thanks and good luck