Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Carrot Doraemon

I'm not sure that "Doraemonドラえもん" is
familiar in your country but..

Here is a Carrot Doraemon.
I put the Japanese white radish for his pocket.

Actually, September 3rd is his birthday.
He is(was?) born in 2112 though...
I was also born in a same day and month.
but different year of course:)
then I will became 40..

Time flies like a shooting star... lol !
I wish I could study and improve more.
Each day provides its own gifts.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Sea food roll

This is how to make roll type of sushi.

First of all, We spread a sheet of laver.

I put the rice like this.
The red one is a roe of flying fish.

This is my costumer's favorite roll.
He likes yellowtail,tuna,Sea bream,
Shrimp,salmon roe,sea urchin, cucumber etc..

I roll it with a bamboo mat.


In this way, you can eat the present of the sea and
present of the land together :)
That's the true charm of Sushi!

After having cut it to the size that is easy to have,
We wrap it carefully.

Hope you can try it someday :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

A holiday in Japan

I went to "Lake Biwa" with a family in last holiday."Lake Biwa" is the Japan's largest lake.
From Osaka where I live in, We can go there approximately one hour by car.

The view from the room of  hotel is very beautiful....
I think there are a lot of places that you can visit in Japan!

There is the pleasure boat in the lake.

Japan is the place where the sightseeing is also very fun.
Therefore please come to Japan for a trip!! :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vegetable Tank.

Those pictures also from my archive :)
I made another mobile suit it is called "GunTank".
Half of Tank, Half of mobile suit.

I like this model because looks very strong!

shot from Front.

From the back.

I put the color before I serve.
Those cannons are curved because it absorbed a water...
It is the difficulty of the vegetables sculpture, but is the
attraction only by the veggie carving ! 

mmm...there is one point that I still not sure....

I should put color on or not !?
this looks real but looks similar to plastic model ..
not vegetable..... lol

This carving took for a long time to completion.
but it was fun anyway :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Star Wars dish for the Party! !

If you are going to have a party at home,and If your son, daughter, husband and
friends loves Star Wars.....please read this :)

Have you ever heard the Man's name of
"Paul Bocuse"?
He is the one of most famous French Chef in the world.

One of his representative dishes is "Loup en croûte feuilletée"
Which is Pie of Sea bass.
He is a great chef and respect by a chef of all over the world.
I can not prepare the delicious thing as same as him. However, as for the dish of the pie...
it can change into the most suitable dish of the party depending on your idea.

Yes...! This is the article about  Star Wars pie!

The "Millennium Falcon " Pie

"Naboo Royal Starship " Pie
The below is just before cooking.
You can try with a frozen pie sheet by yourself.

The "Y-wing" pie

Star destroyer Pie

Here is the Pie of Deat Star 2 with veggie Ewok santa.

you can put any seafood and vegetable inside. such as
Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Salmon,spinach and mushroom so on..

Please try at your home party.
oh.... there is no try. do it! (by yoda) :D

Friday, August 19, 2011

How to carve the Creature of Star Wars

Today, I'ld like to invite you to my kitchen again..

This is about  How to carve the Sweet Potato Opee Sea Killer.
Opee is the ferocious creature which lives in the depth of the sea of naboo.

Following my article of  carrot Darth Vader,
This article is How to carve series Part 2!!

Well, Maybe I should write it as "how to raise the opee".

First of all.....I could say,  this is a young fish :)
In fact, When I found this sweet potato at store,
suddenly I made up my mind ...
"I would make opee with this! "
Because the shape seems very similar to me...(may be it was a force)

At first, I peeled skin carefully.

I carve the faces slowly. Mouth and eyes.....

If a position is completely decided,
I carve it more deeply.

I connect  two hands and six feet to a body
with the toothpick which sharpened a point.
And then, carve a tooth!

and  I carve a scale.

When I put on a color, I soak vegetables sculpture in the water
which I put food color in.
If I remember correctly, I put it 2days at this time.
I wanted to put color deeply.

but at that time, 
I wanted to keep only the tooth a white color without coloring it.

Therefore, I decided to color it that let a fish stand
to protect the tooth from water.
like an illust below....
and, fortunately......succeeded!!

I also made a "bongo" with a Japanese white radish.  

The mission has done! This is a Sweet potato Opee sea killer.

In this way, you can reproduce the scene of the movie :)

I served the Opee with Sashimi of bonito at that day.
This is kind of rare character of  Star Wars therefore
I thought maybe my friends does not know his name....

but When I bring it to them and They said
"WOW!! It is Opee Sea Killer!!"
There's always a bigger fish!
I really love this moment.... to share the enjoyable
moment  of star wars.
What a wonderful friends We have! ^^

one more thing......If you take a look closer...
You can see that the tooth stand in two lines! :)

Acrually I made this Potato Opee  in 2 year's ago ....
but it maybe still My best 5 of the sculpture
which I was able to make well..

Thank you for reading everyone.!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I make a Dessert everyday.
It is only one kind of each day and
It is not taste and not looks like the one that pâtissier make...
but I make them because I want customer can enjoy the hole meal!


Coffee pudding

Pannacotta with fruits

Ice cream

Chocolate mousse

Bon Appetit :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Japanese King of Rock

Who is your favorite singer?
For me, I like Billy Joel,Elton John,Chicago,
Bon Jovi, Gloria Estefan.... and
Recently I listen the Celtic Woman.

If you ask me about Japanese singer,
Mai Kuraki and...... Eikichi Yazawa.

E.Yazawa is 61 years old Japanese Rock singer.
He has very powerful voice and very energetic!

He has a very good friend ship with the American Rock group of
The Doobie Brothers.
They held The concert together many times in Japan.

The below is the live film in several yeas ago when he
played with Doobies(John McFee & Keith Knudsen).

We call him "Ei-cyan(永ちゃん)" for short.

I made him with Carrot and Japanese White radish and
sometimes I use sweet potato too.
I've made a few pattern of his Sculpture for the Fan.
I'm also his fan and I went to his concert many times.

mike code is pasta^^

He is a great singer!

I wish I could carve Michael Jackson someday... :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


The Title...O_bon is Japan's traditional event.
From the 13th to 15th of August to hold a memorial service
to the spirits of every house's ancestors.

In those days, many people return their home,
and the people travel to meet a family.
A Highway and the Shinkansen are very crowded

People tired from a long journey.
therefore many people prefer to order of a dish of the delivery to home.

That is why we sushi restaurant becomes very busy.

Those are the dishes for delivery.

Here is "Makunouch Bento" .
Vegetables, osashimi, Deep-fried food, rice and sushi etc..
every kind of Japanese food inside.

We put the lid of a box and deliver them carefully.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Star wars carpaccio !

Star wars Carving can decorate in many case of food.
in this time...Carpaccio(Fresh slice of fish)

"Star wars Carpaccio"
R2-D2 is made by sweet potato.
The fish are salmon,flatfish,and tuna so on.
I put the dressing for this plate just before I serve.

"Carpaccio of Battle of hoth "
You can see the AT-AT at first...
Actually, The whole this plate is the scene of the movie!
Snowspeeder with wire (sweet potato)
Enargy Base(Ark shell)
The DF.9(carrot and Sweet potato)
Snow ground (sliced fish(only a white filet))
Ion canon (hamo)

"Battle of Death Star trench"
The Dog fight of Carrot X-wing and Tie Fighter.

"Carpaccio of death star 2"
The fish are sea bream & flat fish.
The two carving shows EP6 of dog fight.

Actually I wrote it as carpaccio, but the dish changes
depending on how to choose source.

=use dressing(I make with grapeseed oil,wine vineger)
salt, pepper.

= soy sauce , wasabi

Fish and vegetable are Fresh...Thanks for the nature..always.
The saga continue....

Thank you so much for all of you to enjoy my carving!
Please drop by sometimes :)