Monday, August 15, 2011

Japanese King of Rock

Who is your favorite singer?
For me, I like Billy Joel,Elton John,Chicago,
Bon Jovi, Gloria Estefan.... and
Recently I listen the Celtic Woman.

If you ask me about Japanese singer,
Mai Kuraki and...... Eikichi Yazawa.

E.Yazawa is 61 years old Japanese Rock singer.
He has very powerful voice and very energetic!

He has a very good friend ship with the American Rock group of
The Doobie Brothers.
They held The concert together many times in Japan.

The below is the live film in several yeas ago when he
played with Doobies(John McFee & Keith Knudsen).

We call him "Ei-cyan(永ちゃん)" for short.

I made him with Carrot and Japanese White radish and
sometimes I use sweet potato too.
I've made a few pattern of his Sculpture for the Fan.
I'm also his fan and I went to his concert many times.

mike code is pasta^^

He is a great singer!

I wish I could carve Michael Jackson someday... :)


Anonymous said...


i enjoyed the video of him singing with the doobie brothers as well. the only japanese singers i know are gackt and hyde. you should make them next. :)

Ted Ekering said...

That's amazing.
I'd love to see you try a daikon Michael Jackson! ^_^

oki said...

Thank you for watch the video :)
It was my favorite one.
gackt and hyde..they are cool!

wow, Thank you for leave a comment,my friend^^
I will try someday for sure!