Thursday, August 11, 2011

Star wars carpaccio !

Star wars Carving can decorate in many case of food.
in this time...Carpaccio(Fresh slice of fish)

"Star wars Carpaccio"
R2-D2 is made by sweet potato.
The fish are salmon,flatfish,and tuna so on.
I put the dressing for this plate just before I serve.

"Carpaccio of Battle of hoth "
You can see the AT-AT at first...
Actually, The whole this plate is the scene of the movie!
Snowspeeder with wire (sweet potato)
Enargy Base(Ark shell)
The DF.9(carrot and Sweet potato)
Snow ground (sliced fish(only a white filet))
Ion canon (hamo)

"Battle of Death Star trench"
The Dog fight of Carrot X-wing and Tie Fighter.

"Carpaccio of death star 2"
The fish are sea bream & flat fish.
The two carving shows EP6 of dog fight.

Actually I wrote it as carpaccio, but the dish changes
depending on how to choose source.

=use dressing(I make with grapeseed oil,wine vineger)
salt, pepper.

= soy sauce , wasabi

Fish and vegetable are Fresh...Thanks for the nature..always.
The saga continue....

Thank you so much for all of you to enjoy my carving!
Please drop by sometimes :)


tcw said...

You are an amazing chef! I wish I was in Japan, not Canada, so could come to your restaurant.

Rebecca said...

I love your blog! All of your sushi looks incredible. I've just started making more japanese food at home, and this is inspirational :)

oki said...

Thank you for coming! I am just a man who love veggie carving:)
do you live Canada? I lived Canada 1 year when I was 25.(almost15years
I like the place and I feel like still my second hometown^^

Thank you so much for your comment^^
Looking forward to see your japanese food in Rebecca report!

Anonymous said...

they are all way to beautiful to eat. thank you so very much for sharing your amazing gift with all of us.
Andrea from Canada

oki said...

Thank you for posting from the country that I love.
your word is a gift for me:)

NCI said...

Are you kidding me? how i could eat lovely R2D2.. :)

oki said...

That is right.. Actually ,after took a pics and enjoyed meal... some pople bring it their home, some people just leave it to my restaurant.
(then I cooked and I eat by myself lol)