Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Carrot Doraemon

I'm not sure that "Doraemonドラえもん" is
familiar in your country but..

Here is a Carrot Doraemon.
I put the Japanese white radish for his pocket.

Actually, September 3rd is his birthday.
He is(was?) born in 2112 though...
I was also born in a same day and month.
but different year of course:)
then I will became 40..

Time flies like a shooting star... lol !
I wish I could study and improve more.
Each day provides its own gifts.


Anonymous said...

is the right pronunciation "draemon"?
in my country, it is called "doraemon" :D

oki said...

oh my... you are right!! Doramemon is correct. I need to fix it lol
thank you for let me know!