Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mini Chirashi Sushi

[ちらし,Chirashi] means scatter.
so , Chirashi sushi is the sushi which
we put the slice of the fish on a vinegared rice.

I also make very small "chirashi sushi"sometimes
for the course menu.
I admit this sushi is too small but it is cute..I think.
therefore good at first sight and then enjoy the taste!

I settle the mini-chirashi with other
nigiri sushi like below.

sushi are..ell,tuna(soak in to soy-sauce it called "zuke"), Flatfish with white radish
and salad roll.

this plate will come with other food.
just like this.

it is 3000Yen. it means $39.23 US right now.
wow...Though it was 30$ until just

If you have a chance to visit Osaka, please drop by:D


Allie said...

That mini Chirashi is so cute!!!
What a great idea!

now I'm hungry!

oki said...

Thank you so much for your comment^^
Have some sushi for today's lunch!

Lamar said...

One day I hope to visit you, my friend... and experience your good company and excellent food!

oki said...

It will be wonderful! Thank you Lamar. by the way, are you going to C6? I will! hope I can see you^^