Thursday, August 18, 2011


I make a Dessert everyday.
It is only one kind of each day and
It is not taste and not looks like the one that pâtissier make...
but I make them because I want customer can enjoy the hole meal!


Coffee pudding

Pannacotta with fruits

Ice cream

Chocolate mousse

Bon Appetit :)


Anonymous said...

The top one looks like flan. and yummy!

oki said...

Thank you again!
I burn the surface before I serve it to customers:)

NCI said...

Hmm.. Yummy..

dhandycraft said...

oh my good, R2D2 at my plate... this will be a feature in my blog when celebrating star wars. You are a great food artist.

oki said...

Thank you!

Your Blog is really cool!
Thank you very much to say so :)