Friday, August 19, 2011

How to carve the Creature of Star Wars

Today, I'ld like to invite you to my kitchen again..

This is about  How to carve the Sweet Potato Opee Sea Killer.
Opee is the ferocious creature which lives in the depth of the sea of naboo.

Following my article of  carrot Darth Vader,
This article is How to carve series Part 2!!

Well, Maybe I should write it as "how to raise the opee".

First of all.....I could say,  this is a young fish :)
In fact, When I found this sweet potato at store,
suddenly I made up my mind ...
"I would make opee with this! "
Because the shape seems very similar to me...(may be it was a force)

At first, I peeled skin carefully.

I carve the faces slowly. Mouth and eyes.....

If a position is completely decided,
I carve it more deeply.

I connect  two hands and six feet to a body
with the toothpick which sharpened a point.
And then, carve a tooth!

and  I carve a scale.

When I put on a color, I soak vegetables sculpture in the water
which I put food color in.
If I remember correctly, I put it 2days at this time.
I wanted to put color deeply.

but at that time, 
I wanted to keep only the tooth a white color without coloring it.

Therefore, I decided to color it that let a fish stand
to protect the tooth from water.
like an illust below....
and, fortunately......succeeded!!

I also made a "bongo" with a Japanese white radish.  

The mission has done! This is a Sweet potato Opee sea killer.

In this way, you can reproduce the scene of the movie :)

I served the Opee with Sashimi of bonito at that day.
This is kind of rare character of  Star Wars therefore
I thought maybe my friends does not know his name....

but When I bring it to them and They said
"WOW!! It is Opee Sea Killer!!"
There's always a bigger fish!
I really love this moment.... to share the enjoyable
moment  of star wars.
What a wonderful friends We have! ^^

one more thing......If you take a look closer...
You can see that the tooth stand in two lines! :)

Acrually I made this Potato Opee  in 2 year's ago ....
but it maybe still My best 5 of the sculpture
which I was able to make well..

Thank you for reading everyone.!


Tehniat said...

You have got amazing talents! Now going through your entire blog to be inspired! I am a true fan of Japanese food but we don't get much here in Pakistan.

It'll be great if you check out my blog too, but it's mostly Indian-Pakistani food.

oki said...

Thank you! I just read your blog.
much of pictures and looks very yummy!
I don't know much about pakistan food therefore I'm interested in.
keep up the good work!

stampedconcrete said...

you have the amazing hands .. hehe ,.. your work looks perfect .. i like it so much .. thanks for sharing ..

oki said...

Thank you for your comment:)