Wednesday, August 03, 2011

something fish going on here? :)

Thanks for reading everyone...and
Please excuse me for my broken English (^^;)

Well, I'm a sushi cook so I meet fish everyday.
Sometimes, I "make" a fish too.
I make those fish and put for decoration of "osashimi".

Sea bream (carrot)

fish with seaweed (carrot & sweet potato)

Salmon with Wave of the river

Fish candle 1 (before I set fire to a candle)

Fish candle 2 (after I set fire)
Can you see the difference?


Goldfish (carrot and white radish)

Fish,Animals,vegetables,humans..We all living at same place.
We are connected.


Anonymous said...

Hi Oki,
I run a benefit/awareness performance for Japan, Namazu is my mascot:

If you ever make a Namazu, please tell me, I feature related artworks in the blog:

Happy carving!

oki said...

thank you for the comment.
you have very unique and nice website!
I will do someday and let you know^^