Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dragon Year

2012 is the year of the Dragon in Chinese Calendar.
Special thanks to you, Ian!(my friend who visited my restaurant last year)

To start My blog in 2012..I chose this beggie carving.

Speaking of Chinese Calendar..
A mouse,cow, tiger....the twelve signs of the chinese character are animals each, but only the Dragon is an animal in the imagination.

Although the tough times, we can make full use of imagination then rise like a Dragon!

kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu! ^^

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cucumber Art 2

Today,I introduce my veggie carving which I made for broadcasted TV program last month.

I made 9 Buddha for the TV program.
but I did not made them from a wood.. from a cucumber.. for sure!
The TV crew added splendid work to my sculpture.

Buddhist saint...

His name is called "asura"
I made every one of them from 1 cucumber except him.
I put arms with bamboo stick for this asura.

The Buddha....They are the helo from long time ago..

The TV crew used the dry-Ice.
They got the inspirarion from my picture of the
Darth vader which I made before.

They did great work on it..
looks so beautiful arn't they?

Which one is your favorite? :)

They introduced our course menu too!

This is also my favorite carving.
white(Japanese White raddish) and red(carrot) pair swan.
I've been making the pair swan from long time ago because
A swan is a blissful animal.
also Red and the white combination are good for a celebration!

At last, I made a japanese comedian "masa" with sweet potato.
In TV,He called it as "me"!

by the way...Please allow for me to put subtitles on a
pictures recently.
I do not want anyone to do business with my pictures.
I just make them for people's fun!
Hope you enjoy the vegetables!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Season's greetings

Let's celebrate Christmas with sushi!

We Produce various type of sushi cakes.
I call this cake "Millefeuille type".

As for the This sushi cake... a take-out is available:)

In this season,I present Santa Claus that made it with a carrot now!

Here is veggie Christmas decoration.
It is slightly early for greetings but May Christmas bring you joy and Happiness!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

my knife

Today,I introduce my knife.

As I mentioned before, I used to work as a french chef
before I became sushi chef.
Therefore I have two type of knives.

It is a knife for Western food in a upper of photo , and the bottom is a knife of the Japanese food.

Those are 3 kind of whetstones.
rough sharpeners,standard and finish use.

looks like bussiness case but
Here is a "mukimono(veggie carving) tool"

This is inside.
There are many tools for making a vegetable carving.
Actually, you can buy High specification
Note PC for money to buy this tool.
Those are very useful for making Specific sculpture but
nomaly, I don't use.

I use those two. keen knife and knife of triangle.
Those are very useful!
you can try veggie carving if you have a keen knife like this.
Please try if you like:)