Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cucumber Art 2

Today,I introduce my veggie carving which I made for broadcasted TV program last month.

I made 9 Buddha for the TV program.
but I did not made them from a wood.. from a cucumber.. for sure!
The TV crew added splendid work to my sculpture.

Buddhist saint...

His name is called "asura"
I made every one of them from 1 cucumber except him.
I put arms with bamboo stick for this asura.

The Buddha....They are the helo from long time ago..

The TV crew used the dry-Ice.
They got the inspirarion from my picture of the
Darth vader which I made before.

They did great work on it..
looks so beautiful arn't they?

Which one is your favorite? :)

They introduced our course menu too!

This is also my favorite carving.
white(Japanese White raddish) and red(carrot) pair swan.
I've been making the pair swan from long time ago because
A swan is a blissful animal.
also Red and the white combination are good for a celebration!

At last, I made a japanese comedian "masa" with sweet potato.
In TV,He called it as "me"!

by the way...Please allow for me to put subtitles on a
pictures recently.
I do not want anyone to do business with my pictures.
I just make them for people's fun!
Hope you enjoy the vegetables!


Lamar said...

Very awesome, my friend! I am so glad to see that you're being recognised for your outstanding talent! My favourite of these would be 'Asura'... very, very cool. =)

oki said...

Thank you so much to watch the pic my old friend! Asura is my favorite too!