Thursday, December 01, 2011

my knife

Today,I introduce my knife.

As I mentioned before, I used to work as a french chef
before I became sushi chef.
Therefore I have two type of knives.

It is a knife for Western food in a upper of photo , and the bottom is a knife of the Japanese food.

Those are 3 kind of whetstones.
rough sharpeners,standard and finish use.

looks like bussiness case but
Here is a "mukimono(veggie carving) tool"

This is inside.
There are many tools for making a vegetable carving.
Actually, you can buy High specification
Note PC for money to buy this tool.
Those are very useful for making Specific sculpture but
nomaly, I don't use.

I use those two. keen knife and knife of triangle.
Those are very useful!
you can try veggie carving if you have a keen knife like this.
Please try if you like:)

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