Tuesday, July 26, 2011

vegetable carving "Zoo"

Vegetable can become an animal.
I made a Zoo with vegetable carving.



elephant(sweet potato)
I use one sweet potato entirely,and
placed a tusk later.

turtle (cucumber)

Crocodile(Kyo-potato with food color)

Then I placed all together :D

The Zoo

I made this carving for a TV program called "JANIBEN"
For coverage, two people of Japanese idol
"Johnny's Jr" came to my Restaurant in march 2011.
it was a great experience.


Bára Rektorová said...

Impressive! I love it, thank you for makeing my evening :-)

oki said...

Sorry to took me a long time to reply Bara.
Thank you! so much for watching
here :)

Miss Google said...

really pretty and cute.
could you please explain the steps and equipments used for making each item?- Reshma

oki said...

Hi Reshma,
Thank you for visiting my website.
I just answered your question on my new article.
I hope you like it. thank you!


srinivasulu said...

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oki said...

I watched you website. It really great!
Keep up the wonderful work!!

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