Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Star wars Carving..

Thank you for reading my blog again.

Please let me update more veggie Carvings
which I made from 2010-2011.
(latest one is Darth Vader)

Anakin's pod racer with Flag(Sweet potato, Carrot and Japanese white radish)

from the back

Radon-Ulzer engines

My friend Cubist made this Flag..
It is printed as "May the force with Japan".
(as you can see, there is A crest of Jedi put on a flag)
We thank for the support of all of you from all over the world for this earthquake.

Anakin never gave up on his pod do we!

Luke and Wampa(Sweet potato, carrot and Japanese white raddish)

Quinlan Vos (Sweet potato)

Sandtrooper with dewback(Sweet potato and pumpkin)

Scout trooper with endor salad(Sweet potato and carrot)

Death star Pie and ewok santa.
I made those at Christmas party.

Speaking about star wars,
I am a member of Japanese star wars Fan group
called "Jedi order"(I'm CO this term)

I continued making a SW carving and
so far, more than 40 characters I made.
It is because wanting to see the smile of
my friends and I love SW myself!
Now.. I have many precious friend in overseas too.
I wish I could meet with them at C6.

If I was not a SW fan..
I never had a chance to know with friends...
I really thank for SW!

Thank you for reading. have a great day:)

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