Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Star Wars celebration in Anaheim

If you are a Star Wars Fan, You've already know that the Star Wars Celebration will be held Anaheim this year of April 16-19th.

Yes, I'll be back the Celebration again!
This time, I'm going there with the other members of
Japanese SW Fan club "Jedi Order Japan" same as last time.

We're allowed to have our own Fan Table again!
--Here's the official website of Celebration Anaheim.

Here are what we're going to do at our booth this year.
/ Introducing Jedi Order Japan's activity.
/Demonstration of my Star Wars vegetable Carving.
/Introducing of Yuki's wonderful paper art.
(Those pictures are from last Celebration.)

Although it is not officially announced ,but I hope I can do the  presentation of "Star Wars vegetable carving 2"just like last Celebration.

I'm sorry for my customers for taking a long holiday..but 
This will be a wonderful experience I mean it!

I Hope to see you in Anaheim!