Sunday, June 24, 2012

True Colors

Today's theme is a great song of Cyndi Lauper...
It is not..It is about Color of Sushi!

Here are the sushi for delivery to your home.
Nigiri for 1 person. We bake the egg by ourself.

Red, pink,white,green,yellow,(kind of gold) and .black...
Those are look like a palette of nature!!

 Premium Nigiri for 1 person
....The size of the fish doubles!

 Tuna Roll for 1 person.

Assortment of Nigiri.

with fruits

Plate for kids... you can see that all nigiri are cut in half .

We'll accept any of your any order such as "less Rise"
"no Wasabi" "cut in half".
It is service to be possible in the small shop like us!!

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