Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ronto and Jawa

I started this blog in 2006.
The reason why I began blog was that I wanted to practiced English.
(Web translation is still required LOL!)
And to let someone show some of Japanese culture ,sushi, Japanese food, and my carving.

Then....This is my 100th article..
 ..a Hundred!

I just couldn't come so far without my friends in overseas,
the reader of my blog,
and my friends who met at  Facebook.
Thank you so much everyone!

Of course the entry of the 100th is Star Wars vegetable carving!
I have made a Ronto and Jawa with vegetable this time.

Here is Jawa made by carrot.
I made it very small because I wanted to make the
Ronto and Jawa as a same size from the movie.

 This small peace is for eye. The ingredients is Kyo-potato.

Here is a making of A neck and head.

 I connected the body and foot.


The Saga Continues....

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