Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Oki's cooking lesson for foreign tourist

There are so many tourist from overseas to Japan.
I heard that  Foreign tourists who came to Osaka between October from January  this year, seems to have been 5.25 million.

So I've been thinking about opening my short team cooking lessons for foreign tourist.
how that sounds?

If you are coming to Osaka. you can learn sushi or vegetable carving from sushi chef!

I think it is good about three hours at a time.
I'm going to settle the several course which I can teach.
You can choose what you would like to learn.

for instance,
Learning Sushi course:

/How to cook the rice
/how to slice the fish
/how to roll the sushi
/how to make the nigiri sushi

Learning Basic Japanese food

/how to treat the fish
/how to cut the fish in portion
/how to make miso soup 
/how to make basic fish dish 

Learning sushi cake for the partys

/how to cook the sushi rice
/how to cook the egg
/how to prepare the fish
/how to decorate the cake 

Learning Vegetable art for your meal

/Sweet potato 

and after the every lesson.. let's enjoy the meal that you made,
and questions and answers, talk about Japan and your country so on.

then Why only for the people from overseas?

Because, there are so many cooking school in Japan for Japanese already.

Also , I wish I could give a good memories and experience for foreign people 
who decided to choose Japan!!

You can take the lessons from 2 persons.
The lesson fee will be around 3500-5000 yen?  per person.

Here are some things that I have to solve.
/My restaurant is far from the station (8 minutes by foot),
/My restaurant is so small so if there are 3 or 4 more people,
 I need to rent the kitchen studio.

If you have any question or request, just let me know.
do not hesitate to write comment or send me a message from my profile.
or you can send me a message from Facebook.

I'll keep informed :)


Unknown said...

Hi, chef. I have a question regarding sushi rice. This just starts to happen recently and I just can't figure out why. My sushi rice turns color (red/yellow) after one day inside the sushi bucket. I always use the same recipe and method and never happen before. I even changed the brand of the rice and vinegar, nothing seems to make a difference anymore. Do you know the reason why or perhaps give me some suggestions? I'd really appreciate it.

lovejeri said...

Oki I think the fee should be 50 us dollars or 6144.80 yen I would pay that much

lovejeri said...

The sushi rice vinegar will react to a metal spoon and turn the rice a color and also change the taste

Kevin Wang said...

I always put the rice in the wooden tub and mix it with the wooden spoon. I don't use anything metal in the process.

oki said...

Thank you for drop by! I'm afraid I can't think of the reason.
but maybe the rice was kind of old or rice was cracked a lot?
and become mold easier.. I mean it went wrong so fast.

Thank you so much to say so!!
I know you love sushi so much :)
and I always appreciate your support.

Naked Sushi said...

Cooking lessons sound like a great idea. In Australia at least, more and more people are starting to experiment with cooking Japanese food (especially sushi) at home. Give it a go!

oki said...

>Naked Sushi
Thank you for the comment! Yes I will!

Sonia Bray said...
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