Monday, July 27, 2015

Cucumber Fair 2015

I was invited to a Cucumber fair( Cucumber Bizz)2015 at Tokyo Yurakucho, in July 22.

It was the event that PR in the Tohoku region of cucumber at Tokyo.

There are some cucumber bisin( I would say "Miss cucumber)who wearing the
Yukata, and PR their prefecture's Cucumber.
It was very very hot day!!

 This is the picture of the Ceremony.

We had exhibition put the cucumber of carving on ice.

I made 2 display,
the one is ...Famous people in Cucumber!
I made ...let' say....famous seasonal people in season of cucumber. :)

I curve very small Logos with cucumbers,
and I used the carrot for some parts.

 second...... In the forest of cucumber.

This is not my carving.  Here is a vegetable artist "Mamiko Hasebe"'s 
Those were so cute!!

The event was reported in TV and Yahoo news and many more!
It was very unique and interesting event for me too.
I would like to thank everyone of parties!


דליה טל said...

Wow - amazing stuff. I wonder how long it takes to acquire such cucumber sculpting skills...?

oki said...

Thank you for drop by! umm, It is hard to say how long...
I've been carving a lot of kind of vegetable for 20 years.
I started cucumber art 5 years ago.
but I think cucumber carving is much easier than other vegetables.
I suggest you to try once an If you enjoy...practice more!